play using home row & above   /

change playable keys: “,” & “.”   /

shift keyboard: ← & →


Color – c   /

Demo – m   /

Visual mode – 8   /

Looper – 9   /

Help – 0


Leaning to play piano and making beautiful music is easy when using a virtual piano .

To play the virtual piano just use the left button of the mouse for the keyboard, to choose the volume and the style just click the right button in the top
or press zero (“0”) key number, want to listen to a demo just press M key to listen, want to turn on or off the visual mode just press number eight (“8”)
and press “C” key to change the color of your virtual piano depending in your mood.

Have fun and enjoy playing virtual piano with your family and friends.

So what are you waiting for let’s make beautiful music with virtual piano and share it with you love ones…

Love to play piano or want to learn to play one?! Can’t buy piano to be able to practice or learn because it is expensive?! Worry not because you can now
play piano with virtual piano online. You won’t need real piano to play and learn. All you need is virtual piano and this is free.

With virtual piano you can learn easily how to play the piano. Buying a piano is expensive but with your computer or laptop your dream of playing a piano
will come true. This is very convenient for those who can’t afford to buy piano and enroll for piano lesson.

What’s good with virtual piano is you can customize it depending on what you feel or mood. You have a choice what color you want with your virtual piano.
While playing with virtual piano every press you do there are visual mode that you will see that make it more interactive. And if you want to have a demo
play you can also listen with virtual piano.

Make yourself a musician and be a composer and make music with virtual piano.

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