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Enjoy Creating Music with Native Instruments’ Alicia’s Keys Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is of today’s easiest way to create and record a song. It is not a real piano but it can give the perfect song that will surely give you the chance to become a musician or a singer. This is the music software that strikes the balance between the soul and the R&B as it takes the computer’s audio and gives great music.

There are some people who get their own way of helping people to learn playing a virtual piano and one of them is Alicia Keys. People all know that Alicia Keys is a singer who has become one of the Grammy Awardees and still the idol of many people because of her talent in singing. Alicia Keys was inspired and brought her own inspiration for making the Native Instrument’s Alicia Keys Virtual Piano. This is the software that recreates the Yamaha C3 Neo which is the signature of Alicia Key. This software is a project that was created with the dedication of two important people which is Alicia Keys herself and a developer of software keyboard who Thomas Scarbee. The Native Instruments was really great as it captures the distinct sound of Alicia Key after two years of hard work.

The Native Instruments of Alicia Keys Virtual Piano allows you and other people to experience using vintage microphones and outboard studio gear. It has many and very strong features at an ideal price. This software has a user interface that also provides full control on the sound to have the adjustment for certain musical preferences and own playing style by the one who plays it. This is also software that includes the quality of a real studio to allow the number of authentic room atmosphere that ranges from a small piano chamber into a large platform or concert hall.

The Virtual piano software of Alicia Key is really impressive. It has realistic features of Alicia Keys that makes its special. It has a velocity response that makes it really a great and playable software even you know that you are not as good as Alicia Keys. Every keyboard range of this software has a good respond as it should be. Aside from its convolution reverb, it has a quality DSP reverb that can provide options especially if you have a very slow computer connection. Since this Virtual piano software has a meticulous tuning, each of unison has exact amount of the microscopic tuning which makes the tone of chorus along the perfection or like almost of a real piano.

It doesn’t really have to become an expert when you want to learn on how to create your own song or become like your favorite singer or musician. As advanced technology advances, a great example like the Virtual piano software of Alicia Keys is enough to enjoy music and learn more things about it. If you want to experience good virtual software, you can also try the Native Instruments’ Alicia Keys Virtual Piano and see for yourself how this really helps on helping you to become an expert in creating music.